What is another word for lobotidae?

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The term "Lobotidae" refers to a family of marine fishes that are commonly found in tropical and subtropical waters. Some synonyms that are used to describe these fishes include "tripod fish," "bush fish," and "robust flathead." These names are derived from the unique physical characteristics of the Lobotidae family members, such as their tripod-like fins and robust body shape. While these synonyms are not commonly known to the general public, they are useful to scientists and researchers who study marine life. In addition, understanding the various synonyms used to refer to Lobotidae can help to expand our knowledge and appreciation of the diverse array of marine life that exists in our oceans.

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    Lobotidae is a family of small pelagic sea baboons. The baboons of this family have features intermediate between those of the Old World monkey families and the New World monkeys.

    These animals are adapted to life in the open ocean, where they forage for food. They are distantly related to the other pelagic baboons, the siamang, and share a common ancestor with them. They are omnivorous, with a diet that includes crustaceans, molluscs, and small fish.

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