What is another word for locally?

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Locally is an adverb that refers to something being done or happening within a specific locality, region, or area. Synonyms for the word locally include regionally, domestically, provincially, nearby, vicinity, in the neighborhood, close by, around here, close at hand, and in the vicinity. These words can be used interchangeably depending on the context of the sentence. For instance, you can say that the fruits sold in the market were sourced regionally or domestically if they were acquired from nearby farms or the same province. Likewise, the term vicinity or in the neighborhood can be used to describe something happening within a close range.

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    How to use "Locally" in context?

    Locally grown vegetables and fruits may be more expensive than commercially grown vegetables and fruits, but the taste and nutritional value is often better. Locally grown fruits and vegetables often have a more unique flavor, too. Additionally, locally grown foods are more environmentally friendly.

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