What is another word for locusta?

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Locusta is a genus of grasshoppers that belong to the family Acrididae. Some of the synonyms for the word locusta include short-horned grasshopper, spur-throated grasshopper, and field grasshopper. These synonyms are used to refer to different species of grasshoppers that belong to the same family and share similar characteristics like short antennae, large hind legs for jumping, and rapid movements. The word locusta is derived from the Latin term "locust," which means grasshopper or locust, and it has been used to describe various types of grasshoppers throughout history. Synonyms for locusta can be useful for biologists, entomologists, and researchers who study grasshoppers and their behavior.

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The locusta is a large grasshopper-like creature that lives in Africa and the Middle East. It was first described by the Greek philosopher Aristotle in 350 BCE. In the wild, locusta eat leaves, flowers, and tree bark. They can grow to be up to three inches long and have a wingspan of up to five inches.

The locusta is a major food source for many animals, including hyenas, lions, and vultures. The locusta is also used as a commercial commodity, especially in eastern Africa.

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