What is another word for lone woman?

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[ lˈə͡ʊn wˈʊmən], [ lˈə‍ʊn wˈʊmən], [ l_ˈəʊ_n w_ˈʊ_m_ə_n]

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  • Why are there so many lone women??

    Synonyms for Lone woman:

    How to use "Lone woman" in context?

    Every day, we are surrounded by people. They fill our buildings, our streets, and, on occasion, even our skies. But what about the woman who dwells by herself? The woman who has to be constantly on alert for potential danger, who has to steer clear of Those People, and who often feels alone? Surprisingly, the lonely woman is not completely unheard of. In fact, there are millions of her fans all over the world.

    She is the woman who has turned her back on the social norms that have been ingrained in her since birth.

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