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Louis X, also known as Louis the Quarrelsome, was a king of France who ruled from 1314 to 1316. During his short reign, he implemented several reforms and made significant changes in the administration of the kingdom. There are several synonyms commonly used to refer to Louis X, including Louis the Headstrong, Louis the Stubborn, and Louis the Strong-willed. These synonyms reflect his reputation for being a determined and forceful leader who was not easily swayed by others. Despite his short reign, Louis X made a lasting impact on the history of France and is remembered as an important figure in the country's political development.

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In October of 1700, Louis XIV was born to Louis XIII and Anne of Austria. As he grew up, he displayed many of the qualities that would make him a successful king: poise, charm, and intelligence. After proving himself as a successful battlefield general, he was made King of France in 1661 at the age of just 5 years old.

During his reign, he greatly expanded the French monarchy by building new royal palaces, establishing a centralized government, and increasing the size and power of the French army. He also worked to increase the French economy and make France the pre-eminent power in Europe.

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