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The word "louse" has a number of synonyms that can be used in its place. These include terms such as "nit," "parasite," "vermin," "insect," "bug," and "pest." Each of these words denotes some type of small, annoying creature that can cause problems for humans or animals. While they may differ in size, shape and behavior, they share a common ability to cause discomfort or damage to their host. Other synonyms for "louse" might include "cootie," "creepy-crawly," "maggot," "tick," or "flea." Whatever the term used, anyone who has dealt with these pesky creatures is sure to know just how problematic they can be.

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The louse, also known as the flea, is a small, elongated, reddish-brown animal that can grow to be about 0.5 in long. It has a segmented body and large, antennae. The louse feeds on the blood of humans and other mammals, and can carry a wide variety of parasites.

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