What is another word for loveydovey?

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[ lˈʌvɪdˌʌvi], [ lˈʌvɪdˌʌvi], [ l_ˈʌ_v_ɪ_d_ˌʌ_v_i]

Synonyms for Loveydovey:

How to use "Loveydovey" in context?

What is loveydovey? Loveydovey is a term that is used to describe a romantic relationship in which both partners are extremely committed to one another. In loveydovey relationships, both partners value and care for each other more than anything else. These relationships are often characterized by a deep level of trust and communication.

Loveydovey relationships are unique and unlike any other type of relationship. They are often the building blocks of lasting, happy relationships. They are built on genuine care and understanding, and are characterized by a strong sense of loyalty and commitment.

Loveydovey relationships are often full of laughter and happiness.

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