What is another word for low-cal?

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When it comes to healthy eating, many people opt for foods that are low in calories. But sometimes using the same term over and over can get repetitive. Instead of saying "low-cal" every time, there are several synonyms you can use to mix it up. For instance, you could say "calorie-restricted," "light," "reduced-calorie," "slim," "lite," or "low-fat." These terms not only add variety to your language but also provide some context to what you mean by low-cal. Whether you are sharing a recipe or talking about your diet, using synonyms for low-cal can make your conversations more engaging and interesting.

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    A low-calorie diet is one that consists of fewer calories than the recommended daily intake. The number of calories a person needs varies depending on the age, sex, and activity level. The average daily caloric need for women is 1,600 and for men it is 2,000. A low-calorie diet can help you maintain your weight, reduce your risk of heart disease, and lower your blood pressure.

    To create a low-calorie diet, you first need to calculate your basal metabolic rate (BMR). This is the number of calories you expend regardless of how much you are exercising.

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