What is another word for lowlife?

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There are a variety of synonyms for the term "lowlife" that one can use in order to describe someone who is considered to be a reprehensible or immoral person. Some alternative options include "scumbag," "degenerate," "cad," "ne'er-do-well," "rascal," "ruffian," "villain," "hooligan," "varmint," "reprobate," "delinquent," "miscreant," or "hoodlum." Each of these words captures a slightly different aspect of what it means to be a lowlife, from a lack of moral principles to a tendency towards criminal or antisocial behavior. Choosing the right synonym can help to create a clear and accurate portrayal of the individual in question.

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How to use "Lowlife" in context?

Lowlife is a term that is typically used to describe people who have low social standing. These people may have difficulty obtaining jobs or may have criminal records. They may also be unattractive or have poor hygiene.

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