What is another word for lucky piece?

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[ lˈʌki pˈiːs], [ lˈʌki pˈiːs], [ l_ˈʌ_k_i p_ˈiː_s]

There are many synonyms for the term "lucky piece," each denoting an object that is believed to bring good fortune to its owner. Some common synonyms include talisman, amulet, charm, fetich, and juju. A talisman is typically an object that is inscribed with mystical symbols or words and is believed to protect its owner from harm or bring good luck. An amulet is a similar object, but it may be worn as jewelry or attached to clothing. A charm is a small ornament that is believed to have magical powers, while a fetich is an object that is worshipped or revered as possessing magical qualities. Lastly, a juju is a West African term for a talisman or object believed to be imbued with magical powers.

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How to use "Lucky piece" in context?

There is a story of a woman who had a lucky piece of jewelry. She would always get good luck when she wore it. Eventually, the piece of jewelry became so prized that it became a part of her identity. When she lost it, she was heartbroken. She felt like she had lost a part of herself. If you have a lucky piece of jewelry, keep it close to your heart.

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