What is another word for Lunular?

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Lunular is a peculiar and uncommon word that originates from Latin, meaning "moon-shaped" or crescent-shaped. Some synonymous words or phrases for this word include crescent, moon-shaped, horn-shaped, and semilunar. Other synonyms are curved, arced, bent, bowed, or curvilinear. Lunular is often used to describe the shape of certain objects like fingernails, ceramics, or even clouds. However, when referring to biological or anatomical descriptions, physicians and scientists often use the term semilunar instead of lunular. These synonyms can be useful in literature, poetry, and scientific contexts where different words are helpful in providing a vivid description.

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    How to use "Lunular" in context?

    The word "Lunular" came into use in the early 1800s to describe objects with a shape that is essentially a drum. The word is derived from the Latin word for drum, lunulum. This type of shape is most often seen inobjects made of glass, but can also be found in objects made of other materials, such as metal.

    The most common type of lunular object is a glass drum. This shape is created when the glass is heated until it changes from a liquid to a solid form. The Process of heating the glass creates internal pressure that forces the liquid inner layers of the glass to solidify.

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