What is another word for lustre?

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Lustre is a word that refers to the shine or brightness of a surface, and it is often used to describe the appearance of metals, gems, or other materials that have a reflective or polished surface. Some synonyms for lustre include sheen, gleam, shimmer, sparkle, brilliance, radiance, luster, and shine. The word also has more figurative uses, such as when it is used to describe a person's reputation or social status. In this context, some synonyms of lustre include prestige, renown, fame, standing, and status. No matter how it is used, lustre is a word that connotes brightness, polish, and shine.

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    How to use "Lustre" in context?

    Lustre is a property of a material that gives it a Shining or Glittery Appearance. It can be observed when light bounces off the surface of the material and is dispersed in many directions. This gives the material a iridescent or sparkling appearance. Lustre can be a desirable attribute in many materials, such as metals, stones, and precious gems. It can also be a sign of a material's durability.

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