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[ makˈakə sɪlvˈɑːnə], [ makˈakə sɪlvˈɑːnə], [ m_a_k_ˈa_k_ə s_ɪ_l_v_ˈɑː_n_ə]

Macaca Sylvana is a scientific name given to Barbary macaque, an Old World monkey that inhabits the forests, cliffs, and mountainous regions of North Africa. This monkey is also called Magot, the brown macaque, or the Barbary ape. The word Macaca Sylvana is a binomial nomenclature, consisting of two Latin words that identify the species uniquely. In common usage, Magot is the most frequently used synonym for Barbary macaque, though it is sometimes used to refer to other macaque species. The Barbary ape is a misnomer since the Barbary macaque is not an ape but a monkey. Overall, there are no other common synonyms for Macaca Sylvana.

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The Macaca Sylvana, also known as the Hanuman Langur, is a critically endangered species of Old World monkey found only in the Hanuman echo-forest in the Anjar valley in the Valais canton of Switzerland. The forest is protected by the Swiss Federal Forest Configuration.

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