What is another word for Macarena?

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[ mˈake͡ənə], [ mˈake‍ənə], [ m_ˈa_k_eə_n_ə]

"Macarena" is a word that became popular in the mid-90s, thanks to a popular song and dance craze. There are various synonyms for "Macarena," including "movimiento clave," which translates to "key movement" in English. Other synonyms for "Macarena" include "baile de la vaca," which means "cow dance," and "pasito a pasito," meaning "step by step dance." Some Spanish-speaking countries also refer to the dance as "La Vaca Lola," "El Serrucho," or "El Hula-Hope." These synonyms add diversity and flavor to the worldwide sensation that is the "Macarena" dance.

How to use "Macarena" in context?

"Macarena" is a song by Los Del Rio featuring Colombian singer Tito y tu. The song was written by Los Del Rio members Macaco and Sergio Flores and produced by Jaime Rojo. It was released in 1996 as the fourth and last single from the group's third album, Macarena: The Best of Los Del Rio. The song is a mixture of salsa and reggaeton.

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