What is another word for mackem?

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[ mˈakəm], [ mˈakəm], [ m_ˈa_k_ə_m]

The term "Mackem" is a colloquialism used to refer to people hailing from Sunderland, a city in the northeast of England. Although there are many synonyms for the word "Mackem," some of the most popular ones include Wearside, Wearsider, or Sunderlander. Other terms that are sometimes used include Black Cat, which is derived from the official name of Sunderland's football team, the Black Cats. Additionally, some people may use Geordie or Novocastrian, although these terms more commonly refer to people from nearby Newcastle. However, it's important to note that many people who identify as Mackems may not necessarily be fond of these alternative labels.

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    When most people think of the term "mackem," they probably think of someone who is from the state of Washington. In fact, the word "mackem" is actually a slur that was used to refer to someone who is from the state of Washington. The word likely originated from the fact that the residents of the state are often called "mackeys." Despite its negative connotation, the term has begun to gain some popularity among some people in the state due to its unique, stereotyped nature.

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