What is another word for macula?

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Macula is a term that refers to a specialized area of the retina that plays a crucial role in our ability to see fine details and perceive colors. Although there aren't many direct synonyms for the word macula, there are several related terms that may be useful. For example, the fovea is a small depression within the macula that contains a high concentration of light-sensitive cells. The term retinal pigment epithelium (RPE) refers to the layer of cells that supports and nourishes the photoreceptors in the macula and throughout the retina. Another related term is central vision, which refers to the part of our visual field that is processed by the macula and enables us to see sharp, detailed images.

How to use "Macula" in context?

Macula is the Area of Vision at the Center of Your Eye.

The macula may be smaller in people with red or yellow color blindness. These individuals lack a certain pigment in the macula that gives color to the central part of the eye.

The macula is the central light-sensitive area in the human eye. It is responsible for fine visual identification and for the perception of details in near and far surroundings.

The macula receives input from the two big optic nerve branches that enter the eye from the back.

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