What is another word for mademoiselles?

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[ mˈadəməzˌɛlz], [ mˈadəməzˌɛlz], [ m_ˈa_d_ə_m_ə_z_ˌɛ_l_z]

Mademoiselles is a French term used to refer to young unmarried women. This word has several synonyms that are used in the English language to indicate the same meaning. Some of the synonyms for mademoiselles include miss, maiden, damsel, virgin, spinster, lass, girl, and young lady. Each of these synonyms carries a specific connotation and usage, and they all have different origins. While some of these synonyms are commonly used in everyday English, others may be considered old-fashioned or archaic. Choosing the right synonym to refer to a young unmarried woman can depend on the context and the era in which it is used.

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How to use "Mademoiselles" in context?

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