What is another word for maggoty?

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Maggoty, an adjective used to describe something that is infested with maggots, has some synonyms that can be used in its place. These synonyms include wormy, infested, decayed, rotten, putrid, and maggot-ridden. Other words that can be used to replace maggotty include contaminated, corrupted, decomposed, disintegrated, gangrenous, and fetid. When writing, it is important to choose the right synonym that accurately captures the intended meaning. Using powerful and descriptive synonyms can make your writing more vivid and interesting, while also providing a better understanding of the subject to the reader.

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    How to use "Maggoty" in context?

    The word "maggoty" is derived from the Old French word maggot, meaning "a larva of a fly or worm." Interestingly, the very first English words were also derived from French: "I am," "you are," and "he/she/it is." The word "maggot" was first used in English in the mid-1300s to describe the larvae of a fly or worm. It subsequently came to be used more generally to describe the rotting flesh of anything, especially an animal.

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