What is another word for maharajah?

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[ mˈahɐɹˌad͡ʒə], [ mˈahɐɹˌad‍ʒə], [ m_ˈa_h_ɐ_ɹ_ˌa_dʒ_ə]

Maharajah is a title given to a ruler or king in India. It is sometimes interchangeable with the title of "rajah" or "raj". There are several other synonyms for the word Maharajah, including Rani, Thakur, and Nawab. Rani is a female ruler in India, while Thakur is a title given to a feudal lord. A Nawab is a Muslim ruler in India. Another synonym for Maharajah is "Samrat," which means "Emperor" in Hindi. This title is usually reserved for only the most powerful of rulers, such as Ashoka and Akbar. In summary, Maharajah has several synonyms that are used to denote the different types of rulers in India, including Rani, Thakur, Nawab, and Samrat.

Semantically related words: maharaja, mahatma, rajah, maharani


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    How to use "Maharajah" in context?

    The word "maharajah" is derived from the Sanskrit words "maharaja" meaning " great king ". The Maharajah is a hereditary title conferred in the Indian subcontinent by a Maharaja-i-Khan or a Maharaja-i-Raaj, usually on the eldest son of the ruling monarch. The title has been bestowed since antiquity on members of the royal families of Awadh, Gujarat and Bundelkhand in Central India. In the Mughal Empire, the title of Maharaja was used for princes within the imperial family, ranking below a emperor and above a viceroy.

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