What is another word for mahimahi?

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[ mˌahɪmˈahɪ], [ mˌahɪmˈahɪ], [ m_ˌa_h_ɪ_m_ˈa_h_ɪ]

Mahimahi is a popular fish dish enjoyed around the world. This versatile fish is known by many different names depending on the region. In Hawaii, it is called the dolphinfish, while in South Africa it is referred to as dorado. In Latin America, it is known as the lampuga, and in the Caribbean, it goes by the name of maverikos. The fish is also called the common dolphinfish and is highly regarded for its firm texture and mild flavor. Being available in various countries worldwide, mahimahi is a staple to many cuisines and now this article shall be concluded with mahimahi delicacies for readers to explore.

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    Mahimahi is a type of fish endemic to the Hawaiian Islands and found only in the waters surrounding Kaua`i. The Mahimahi is the state fish of Hawai`i. Average lengths of mahimahi (below-average for a mahimahi) can range from 7 inches to 16 inches. Mahimahi are a popular seafood item in Hawaii, where they are generally breaded, fried, or poached. Mahimahi are in the same family as the gray reef shark. Mahimahi are very important to Hawaiian subsistence fishing, where they make up the majority of the fish caught.

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