What is another word for maidenly?

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[ mˈe͡ɪdənli], [ mˈe‍ɪdənli], [ m_ˈeɪ_d_ə_n_l_i]

Maidenly is defined as being characteristic of or suitable for a young woman who is still a virgin. Some synonyms for this word include chaste, pure, modest, virtuous, innocent, demure, reserved, and coy. These words all describe a certain level of purity and innocence that is associated with young women who have not yet experienced romantic or sexual relationships. They are often used to describe a person's behavior, appearance, or attitudes toward love and relationships. Overall, these synonyms demonstrate the importance of purity and modesty in the traditional view of femininity and womanhood.

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    How to use "Maidenly" in context?

    The word "maiden" is derived from the Latin word "maidena" which means young girl, unmarried woman, or virgin. The Oxford English Dictionary defines the word as "a young girl, a girl of good family, and esp. one who has not yet married". Historically, the term has had many different meanings and applications. In the medieval period, a maiden meant a woman who was unmarried and not yet engaged in marital activities. She was also known as a "virgin". Throughout the Middle Ages, there were many festivals celebrating maidens and their purity.

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