What is another word for mail car?

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There are several synonyms for the term "mail car" which refer to the vehicles used to transport mail. Among them are "postal vehicle," "mail truck," "postal van," and "mail delivery vehicle." These vehicles are typically designed with features such as reinforced roofs and suspension systems to safely carry large volumes of mail and parcels. They are often painted in recognizable colors, such as the familiar blue and white hues used by the United States Postal Service. While the term "mail car" is most commonly used in North America, these vehicles go by different names in other parts of the world, such as "post bus" in Switzerland.

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    There once was a man who loved the postal service just as much as he loved his car. Every day, he would get in his car and head to the post office. He would take all of his mail and put it in his car. Then, he would head home and pick up his mail. He loved the postal service because it saved him time. He would no longer have to go to the post office multiple times a day to get his mail.

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