What is another word for maintains?

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[ me͡ɪntˈe͡ɪnz], [ me‍ɪntˈe‍ɪnz], [ m_eɪ_n_t_ˈeɪ_n_z]

Synonyms for Maintains:

How to use "Maintains" in context?

The word "maintains" is often used in place of "maintains" or "maintaining" in order to avoid ambiguity. When it is unclear what someone means by "maintaining" or "keeping up," "maintains" is a good word to choose. This is because "maintains" means to keep something in existence, or to keep it in a particular condition.

For example, if you say "The building is maintained at a temperature of 68 degrees," you are telling someone that you maintain the temperature of the building at 68 degrees.

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