What is another word for makalu?

Pronunciation: [makˈɑːluː] (IPA)

Makalu is a towering peak located in the Himalayas. The name Makalu means "big black" or "great black" in the Nepali language. The mountain is also known by several other names and synonyms, such as "Kumba Karna," "Kangchungtse," or "Makaru." These names are derived from different languages and cultures and give various meanings to the mountain. For example, Kumba Karna is a term from the indigenous Sherpa language, translating to "house of the god of bliss," while Kangchungtse is derived from Tibetan, signifying "the peak of piercing rocks." These synonyms reflect the significance and diversity of the mountain range and its importance in various cultures.

Synonyms for Makalu:

What are the hypernyms for Makalu?

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