What is another word for makomako?

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[ mˌakəmˈɑːkə͡ʊ], [ mˌakəmˈɑːkə‍ʊ], [ m_ˌa_k_ə_m_ˈɑː_k_əʊ]

Makomako is a Maori word that refers to a specific type of shrub or tree with red or pink berries. Some synonyms for makomako include wineberry, makomako berry, and New Zealand wineberry. Makomako is an endemic plant to New Zealand, and it is a popular ornamental plant in gardens and parks. The berries of the makomako plant are edible and have a sweet and juicy taste. In Maori culture, the berries of the makomako plant are used in traditional medicine to treat various ailments. Makomako is a vital species in New Zealand's ecosystem as it provides food and shelter for native birds.

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The Portland, Oregon Zoo is home to a makomako (Hapalolo) a Maui's dolphin that was brought from Hawaii in 1936. Makomako is one of only two animals of its kind remaining globally, the other being in Hawaii.

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