What is another word for malingerer?

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A "malingerer" is someone who feigns illness or injury to avoid work or duty. Some synonyms for this word include "faker," "slacker," "shirker," and "lazybones." These terms all describe someone who is avoiding their responsibilities either by pretending to be ill or simply not doing what is expected of them. Another synonym for "malingerer" is "skiver," which is commonly used in British English and refers to someone avoiding work. Regardless of the term used, a "malingerer" is someone who is not fulfilling their obligations and is often viewed as lazy, untrustworthy, and unreliable.

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There is no single definition of the term "malingerer," as it can be applied to a person who feigns or exaggerates illness or injury in hopes of avoiding military duty, receiving social assistance, or getting a promotion. Malingerers may also lie about their own injuries or illnesses to gain advantage in legal proceedings. In the military, malingering is considered a form of cowardice and can lead to harsher punishment.

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