What is another word for mammalian?

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Mammalian is a term used to describe animals who possess mammary glands and give live birth to their young ones. There are many synonyms for the word mammalian, some of them include: vertebrates, warm-blooded, viviparous, therian, eutherian, placental, and milk-producing. The term "vertebrates" encompasses all animals that possess a backbone, while "warm-blooded" refers to animals whose internal body temperature remains constant irrespective of the environment. Some other synonyms for mammalian include "viviparous" which refers to animals that give birth to live offspring. "Therian" denotes the subclass of mammals that includes marsupials and placental mammals, while "eutherian" refers to a subclass of placental mammals.

How to use "Mammalian" in context?

Mammals are animals that lack scales or feathers and are classified in the Chordata phylum. They range in size from the pygmy hippopotamus, the smallest mammal, to the elephant, the largest. Mammals are vertebrates and their flesh is generally meaty. Some mammals, such as the cheetah and the elephant, are able to move very quickly. Mammals evolved from an ancestor that left the ocean and moved on land about 55 million years ago.

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