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Mammals are a diverse group of animals that includes everything from tiny mice to massive elephants. There are many synonyms for the word "mammals," which can be useful for writers and researchers looking to add variety to their language. Some common synonyms include "warm-blooded animals," "vertebrates," "placental animals," and "creatures with mammary glands." Other more specific synonyms include "carnivores," "herbivores," "omnivores," "primates," and "cetaceans." Each of these synonyms highlights a different aspect of what makes mammals unique, ranging from their physiology to their diets and behaviors. By using these synonyms creatively, writers can make their descriptions of mammals more engaging and informative.

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There are over 5,000 different species of Mammals, making them the most diverse of all vertebrates. All mammals are warm-blooded, meaning their body temperature is regulated by the surrounding environment. Mammals range in size from the small mouse to the enormous elephant. They all have four legs and a head, and many are proficient at walking, running, and climbing.

There are two main groups of mammals: placental mammals, which give birth to live young, and marsupials, which give birth to mice or kangaroos. Many mammals are endangered, most notably the great apes and the gorillas.

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