What is another word for Mammaplasty?

41 synonyms found


[ mˈamɐplɐsti], [ mˈamɐplɐsti], [ m_ˈa_m_ɐ_p_l_ɐ_s_t_i]

How to use "Mammaplasty" in context?

Mammaplasty is a surgery that can be performed on either the mom or the baby. The goal of mammaplasty is to improve the appearance of the breasts and areola. Mammaplasty can also improve theShape and size of the breasts, changing the look of the breasts from prominent and large to more subtle and natural.

The type of mammaplasty that is performed depends on the patient's goals. Some patients may want larger breasts, while others may just want a more subtle change. In either case, the surgery is generally done under local anesthesia with no general anesthesia.

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