What is another word for manhole?

Pronunciation: [mˈanhə͡ʊl] (IPA)

Manholes, also referred to as inspection chambers, are underground access points for essential utilities such as sewage systems, water pipes or electrical networks. Other related terms include access covers, inspection covers, and sewer covers. Commonly used in the United Kingdom, the term 'drain cover' is also a frequently used synonym for manhole. Additionally, in some cases, people also use words like "utility hole" or "cable chamber" to describe a manhole's function. Although the name may differ, the underlying purpose of manholes remains the same: they serve as entry points for maintenance, inspection, and cleaning of crucial underground utilities.

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    • artifact
      manhole cover.

Usage examples for Manhole

On entering the passage in which were the doors of the berths, I noticed an object that had before escaped my observation-I mean a small trap-hatch, no bigger than a manhole, with a ring for lifting it, midway down the lane.
"The Frozen Pirate"
W. Clark Russell
Sprigg, he bricked it all up, hauled the bricks himself clean in from the county town, an' it's got a manhole 'twill let ary man down it that wants to go.
"The Brass Bound Box"
Evelyn Raymond
And the Turners' manhole must be very small, smaller than yours, maybe; because they sent Bob down to clean it, and he got stuck coming out.
"The Brass Bound Box"
Evelyn Raymond

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