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Manidae is the biological family to which pangolins belong. Pangolins are unique animals that are covered in scales and are highly sought after in some cultures for their supposed medicinal properties. Manidae is the only family in the order Pholidota, and they are also known as scaly anteaters. Some synonyms for Manidae include Pholidotidae, which is an alternative name for the order Pholidota, and Smutsiidae, which is a proposed alternative name for the family. Other synonyms include 'scaly anteater family' and 'pangolin family', as these terms are commonly used to refer to the animals that belong to Manidae.

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    Manidae is a monotypic family of passerine birds. The single genus is Manida. The Manidae live in Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia.

    These birds are so tiny, you'd be forgiven for mistaking them for insects. They only weigh about 0.7 gram, but they can fly like the wind. And they have some interesting dietary habits.

    Manidae is the only genus in the family, and it contains only one species, the Manida checkering-thrush. This bird is found in the Andes of Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia.

    This bird is a fairly small passerine.

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