What is another word for manslayer?

72 synonyms found


[ mˈansle͡ɪə], [ mˈansle‍ɪə], [ m_ˈa_n_s_l_eɪ_ə]

Related words: kill, murderer, slayer, death

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    How to use "Manslayer" in context?

    A killer who typically harms men is known as a "manslayer." The term is used to describe someone who kills men in cold blood, without any mitigating factors. The motives for these killings can vary, but the most common one is anger. These killers usually have a history of violent behavior towards women, but ignore or even enjoy hurting men. They often have histories of abuse or anger management issues. There is no one profile for a manslayer, but they almost always strike without warning, and often target strangers.

    Manslayers are often vilified in the media, and there is a large fear factor associated with them.

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