What is another word for manteidae?

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Manteidae is a family of insects that includes approximately 2,400 species of praying mantises. Some people refer to these insects as praying mantids or simply mantids. Other common synonyms for Manteidae include mantises, mantids, and praying mantises. In addition, some individuals may use terms such as mantodeans, mantodea, or mantoptera to refer to these insects. Regardless of the specific synonym used, these fascinating creatures are known for their distinctive appearance and behavior, including their ability to hold their forelegs in a prayer-like position while waiting to ambush prey.

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The mantidae family of fish is one of the most diverse and widespread families of freshwater fish in the world. The mantidae family contains over 500 recognized species, making it one of the largest families of freshwater fishes. The mantidae family is highly diverse in terms of body shape and size, and contains both tropical and temperate species. Some of the more well-known genera within the mantidae family include the cichlidae, garibiidae, and tilapia.

Mantidae fish are typically small, straightforward fish that can be found in a variety of environments around the world.

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