What is another word for mantineia?

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[ mantˈa͡ɪni͡ə], [ mantˈa‍ɪni‍ə], [ m_a_n_t_ˈaɪ_n_iə]

Mantineia was an ancient city in central Greece, known for its rich history and culture. In classical times, the city was famous for its theatre, which hosted some of the greatest plays and performances of the era. Other notable landmarks in the area include the Temple of Dionysus, the Sanctuary of Athena and the Stadium of Mantineia. Today, many of these structures are in ruins, but they still hold immense significance for archaeologists and scholars interested in Greece's ancient past. Synonyms for Mantineia might include terms like "historic site," "archaeological wonder," or "cultural landmark".

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    The word "mantineia" is derived from the Greek word meaning "meaningless" or "nameless." To some, the term might conjure up images of something hideous and scaly. However, the term can be used to refer to a variety of surrealist art movements, with each one steeped in the bizarre and the surreal.

    The surrealist movement was founded in the early 1920s by a group of artists who were fed up with the rigid boundaries of traditional art.

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