What is another word for marine animal?

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Marine animals are creatures that live in the sea, and there are various synonyms for them. For instance, marine fauna describes all the animal life in the ocean, including fish, mammals, and invertebrates. Sea life can also be used to describe the same type of animals, particularly in the context of aquariums. Aquatic animals are another synonym for marine creatures that live in water. Additionally, oceanic creatures are used to describe the vast range of animals that live in the ocean, such as sharks, whales, dolphins, and sea turtles. Marine organisms can also be used to describe all types of creatures that exist in the sea, including microorganisms.

How to use "Marine animal" in context?

The ocean is home to an amazing variety of marine animals. From dolphins to sharks, these creatures play a vital role in the ecosystem by consuming large amounts of fish and other marine life. Marine animals can also play an important role in human culture, providing food, clothing, and tourism income. This article will discuss some of the most fascinating marine animals in the ocean.

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