What is another word for marital?

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Marital is an adjective that refers to something related to marriage or the state of being married. Synonyms for marital can include matrimonial, nuptial, conjugal, spousal, wedded, and connubial. Each of these words can be used to describe the state of being married, as well as the various obligations, responsibilities, and joys that come along with it. These words can also be used more broadly to refer to topics related to marriage, such as marital law, marital counseling, marital disputes, and marital traditions. Ultimately, the word marital is a useful term that can be used to discuss a wide range of important issues related to the institution of marriage.

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The definition of marital can be broad and Steering Committee chairman and president of the Marriage and Family Therapists Association of North America Judith Stacey warns that there is no single definition that could be applied equally to all couples. "Marital" can refer to the intimate, committed relationship between a man and woman, and it can encompass a wide range of family structures - single-parent, blended, step-parent, parents living together, and parents who are divorced. Key factors that contribute to marital success or failure include communication, financial stability, , physical health, and .

There are many disputed points about what makes a marriage work.

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