What is another word for marketers?

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Marketers are individuals who develop and implement strategies to promote products and services in order to generate revenue. However, there are different synonyms you can use for marketers that capture specific aspects of their roles. For instance, business developers describe those responsible for generating new business opportunities and expanding existing ones. Advertising executives are those responsible for creating and placing advertisements to reach target audiences. Brand managers are responsible for developing and managing the brand's image and message. Sales managers, on the other hand, oversee the sales team and develop sales strategies. Regardless of the term used, marketers play a crucial role in ensuring a business's success through effective promotion and sales.

How to use "Marketers" in context?

Marketers are the people who are responsible for selling a product or service to a customer. They work with a company's marketing department to create a plan to reach the target market. They also work with the company's advertising department to create persuasive campaigns that will convince customers to buy the product.

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