What is another word for markings?

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When referring to markings, there are several other synonyms that can be used to describe this aspect. Some of the most commonly used ones include etchings, imprints, annotations, inscriptions, notations, symbols, signs, stamps, tags, labels, logos, and emblems. These terms refer to specific types of markings based on the context of use. For instance, stamps and tags may be used to signify ownership or authenticity while inscriptions and etchings may be used to add artistic impressions. On the other hand, symbols and signs may be used to convey messages or provide instructions. Ultimately, the choice of synonym is determined by the type and intended purpose of the marking.

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How to use "Markings" in context?

When we think of markings, we usually think of someone's name or a logo. But markings can also be found on wool, fur, and other animals. These markings can be indicators of sex, age, or health.

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