What is another word for Martial Arts?

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Martial Arts is a term that covers a wide range of practices focused on close combat and self-defense. However, there are many other words that can be used to describe the different styles and techniques associated with Martial Arts. For example, some people may refer to Taekwondo or Karate as traditional Martial Arts, while others may use the term Fighting Arts to describe more aggressive and combat-focused styles like Boxing or Muay Thai. Additionally, some people may use the terms Self-Defense Arts or Combat Sports when referring to specific disciplines within Martial Arts that focus on real-world scenarios or competition. Ultimately, there are many different synonyms for Martial Arts that can help to better describe the unique qualities and characteristics of each style.

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How to use "Martial arts" in context?


Martial Arts are a type of combat sport that focus on physical skills and disciplines to defeat an opponent through unarmed or armed combat. There are many different styles of martial arts that can be practiced with a variety of weapons and fighting styles. Martial arts provide practitioners with a holistic and comprehensive system for self-defense and can also be enjoyable and active hobbies.


Martial arts may have originated in Zhou Dynasty China as a way for military elites to develop unarmed combat skills to defend themselves. Other popular theories suggest that martial arts were developed in response to the Sinicization of China, or the introduction of firearms and warfare.

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