What is another word for masseuse?

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When it comes to finding alternative words for masseuse, there are various options available depending on the context. One option is massage therapist, which is a more gender-neutral term and broader in scope. Another term is bodyworker, which covers different techniques such as deep tissue, reflexology, and craniosacral therapy. Alternatively, one could use the term spa therapist, which is more suitable for those working in a spa environment. Other terms for masseuse include bodywork practitioner, holistic therapist, manual therapist, and soft tissue therapist. Ultimately, the choice of word would depend on the individual's preferred terminology and the type of massage service they offer.

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How to use "Masseuse" in context?

The massage therapist is commonly known as a masseuse. They are responsible for providing a deeply relaxing and therapeutic massage. They also use their hands, elbows, and feet in massage techniques.

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