What is another word for massively?

62 synonyms found


[ mˈasɪvli], [ mˈasɪvli], [ m_ˈa_s_ɪ_v_l_i]

When you want to describe something that is enormous, extensive or significant, you can use the word "massively". However, there are several other words that you can use as synonyms for this term, including hugely, tremendously, exceedingly, incredibly, enormously, extremely, dramatically, astonishingly, overwhelmingly, and impressively. Each of these words implies an immense magnitude or quantity that is beyond the usual or expected. Whether you're describing a huge crowd, a monumental project or a significant outcome, using any of these synonyms instead of "massively" can help you convey a stronger sense of the scope and impact of your subject.

How to use "Massively" in context?

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