What is another word for master of arts?

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[ mˈastəɹ ɒv ˈɑːts], [ mˈastəɹ ɒv ˈɑːts], [ m_ˈa_s_t_ə_ɹ ɒ_v ˈɑː_t_s]

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    Synonyms for Master of arts:

    How to use "Master of arts" in context?

    The master of arts degree is a postgraduate academic degree awarded to experts in various academic disciplines. This degree is often considered to be equivalent to a Doctor of Philosophy degree.

    The Master of Arts degree is available in a range of different academic disciplines. To be awarded this degree, the expert must display a level of excellence in their field that is unparalleled by other scholars.

    The Master of Arts degree is ideal for those who wish to further their academic journey. It provides a comprehensive overview of the field of study, offering students the opportunity to develop their skills and knowledge in an area of their choosing.

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