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Materialization refers to the physical manifestation of something that previously existed as a concept or idea. There are several synonyms for materialization, including realization, actualization, embodiment, incarnation, and manifestation. The term realization emphasizes the act of a concept becoming a reality. Actualization refers to the process of making an idea into an actual physical entity. Embodiment refers to something taking on a physical form, while incarnation emphasizes the spiritual or religious implications of something being brought into a physical form. Finally, manifestation refers to the appearance of something that was previously hidden or unseen. These subtle differences in meaning can be used to convey specific nuances in language and writing.

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How to use "Materialization" in context?

Materialization is the process by which an imaginary or abstract thing or concept is made concrete or actual. It can refer to the creation of an object or person from nothing, or to the manifestation or arrival of a thought or feeling into the physical world. The term can also be used figuratively to describe the attainment of a goal or the realization of a plan. Materialization is often associated with supernatural forces, but can also be caused by human intention or concentration. In some cases, materialization may be simply the result of a desire or wish manifesting itself in reality.

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