What is another word for mayaca?

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Mayaca is a genus of aquatic plants found primarily in North America. Synonyms for Mayaca include the common names "bog moss," "water bogmoss," and "swamp-moss." This water-loving plant typically grows in wetlands, swamps, marshes, and shallow ponds. It is known for its slender, stem-like appearance and small size, making it a popular choice for aquariums and water gardens. Mayaca plants produce clusters of tiny white flowers and can be propagated by cuttings or seed. Their delicate appearance and ease of care make them a popular choice for aquaculture enthusiasts. In summary, Mayaca can be associated with many synonyms, including bog moss, water bogmoss, and swamp-moss.

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    The heart of a mayaca is a yellow sap that flows from the tree's trunk when it is injured. This sap can cause severe skin irritation if it comes in contact with the skin, so it is usually collected and bottled before being sold.

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