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[ ˌɛmsˌiːd͡ʒˈiː], [ ˌɛmsˌiːd‍ʒˈiː], [ ˌɛ_m_s_ˌiː_dʒ_ˈiː]

"Mcg" is an abbreviation for "microgram," which is a unit of measurement used to indicate small amounts of substances. Some common synonyms for "mcg" include "μg" (the Greek letter mu followed by "g"), "ug," "mcgm," and "microg." These terms are essentially interchangeable and refer to the same measurement. It's important to note that micrograms are very small units of measurement, with one microgram equal to one millionth of a gram. This makes them particularly useful when measuring drugs or other substances that require precise dosages. Overall, while there may be different abbreviations or spellings of "mcg," they all refer to the same fundamental unit of measurement.

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    Mcg is a new cannabis company that aims to make cannabis products that are healthier and more sustainable than other products on the market. They believe that if cannabis products were designed with the health and wellness of people in mind, it would be more accepted by the general population.

    McG is implementing a science-backed holistic approach to cannabis that they hope will appeal to those looking for a more sustainable, healthy and ethical product. Their products are enriched with high-quality cannabinoids and supercritical CO2, organic nutrients and natural flavorings.

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