What is another word for meat hooks?

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[ mˈiːt hˈʊks], [ mˈiːt hˈʊks], [ m_ˈiː_t h_ˈʊ_k_s]

Meat hooks are commonly used in meat processing and butchery. They are sharp and sturdy hooks that are used to hold large pieces of meat, such as beef or pork, while they are being processed. However, there are several words that can be used to refer to meat hooks. For instance, they can be called meat hangers, meat claws, carcass hooks, or butcher hooks. Meat hangers are mostly used in commercial kitchens to hang large cuts of meat, while meat claws are animal-shaped hooks that are used to serve meat. Whatever the name, these hooks are indispensable tools for those who work with meat.

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How to use "Meat hooks" in context?

Meat hooks aka hanging meat hooks, sometimes also called butcher hooks, are a type of kitchen utensil with a curved upper shaft that is typically screwed into a wall or beam to hold meat while it is being processed into meat products such as hams and bacon. Meat hooks are also used to hang meat while it is being cooked on a spit.

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