What is another word for mechanistic?

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The word mechanistic refers to a perspective or approach that emphasizes the importance of purely physical or mechanical causes and explanations. Some synonyms for this word include deterministic, automatic, rigid, inflexible, and formulaic. These words all convey the idea of a system or process that operates in a predetermined or automatic way, devoid of any human input or discretion. Other related concepts that could be used as synonyms for mechanistic include reductionism, materialism, and determinism. Overall, the use of synonyms can help to broaden and enrich our understanding of complex concepts like mechanistic thinking.

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How to use "Mechanistic" in context?

A mechanistic explanation is one that emphasizes the natural world, and the laws that govern it. To be a mechanistic explanation, an event must be ordered, and its parts must be able to operate independently of one another. This type of explanation is often used to explain how systems work.

For example, consider the evolution of a clam. Clams growing in the open ocean must react quickly to changes in their environment. If the ocean temperature rises, they can open their shells wider to take in more air. If the ocean temperature falls, they must close their shells to conserve energy.

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