What is another word for meddler?

Pronunciation: [mˈɛdlə] (IPA)

A meddler can be defined as someone who involves themselves in the affairs of others without being invited or needed. Other synonyms for this word can include "busybody," "interferer," "intruder," "nosy parker," "snooper," and "buttinsky." Each of these terms can describe a person who tries to involve themselves in other people's business, often without understanding the full context or without being helpful in any way. These qualities can make a person appear unwelcome or irritating to others, and may not be appreciated. It's important to remember that while curiosity and concern for others can be important, it's also crucial to respect others' boundaries and privacy.

Synonyms for Meddler:

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Usage examples for Meddler

"I've heard of you, of course-the international meddler!
"The Crevice"
William John Burns and Isabel Ostrander
Mac-Mahon had collected about one hundred and twenty thousand men, and Napoleon, without real authority except as a meddler, was with him.
"A History of the Third French Republic"
C. H. C. Wright
He was not a philanthropic meddler, and was as loath to offer his advice unasked to a soldier as to an officer, but he earnestly desired, now more than ever, to be of help to his fellow-men, and Throckmorton's help was always efficient because it never hurt the self-respect of those who received it.
Molly Elliot Seawell

Famous quotes with Meddler

  • No man who believes in force and violence is an Anarchist. The true Anarchist decries all influences save those of love and reason. Ideas are his only arms. Being an Anarchist I am also a Socialist.The wise way to benefit humanity is to attend to your own affairs, and thus give other people an opportunity to look after theirs.If there is any better way to teach virtue than by practicing it, I do not know it.Would you make men better — set them an example. The millenium will never come until governments cease from governing, and the meddler is at rest.
    Elbert Hubbard

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