What is another word for medea?

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[ mˈɛdi͡ə], [ mˈɛdi‍ə], [ m_ˈɛ_d_iə]

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Synonyms for Medea:

How to use "Medea" in context?

Medea is a tragic ancient Greek play by Euripides. The play is about the betrayal and revenge of Medea, a woman who has a powerful love for her brother, Jason. Jason falls in love with the sorceress, Circe, and she persuades him to take her as a bride. Medea is enraged and vengeful when she finds out, and she uses her magical powers to turn Jason into a raging beast. She then takes him to her father, King Aegeus, to ask for his help in curing him. Aegeus punishes Medea by sending her away with Jason.

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