What is another word for meerschaum?

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Meerschaum is a Turkish word meaning "sea foam" and is a type of soft white clay material used to make smoking pipes. The word meerschaum is also known by a few synonyms such as "sepiolite" or "seafoam stone". Another synonym for meerschaum is the German word for the substance, "meeresschaum". The French word for meerschaum is "terre à pipe" which literally means "pipe clay". Some also refer to it as "white gold", due to its beauty and rarity. Another synonym for meerschaum that is commonly used in Turkey is "lületaşı" which means "pearl stone". Regardless of what name it goes by, meerschaum is still the material of choice for many tobacco enthusiasts around the world.

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    The meerschaum pipe is one of the most popular smoking instruments in the world. Originally, meerschaums were used as breathing pipes by fishermen on the Dutch coast. Meerschaums were also used in China for over 2000 years before they were introduced to Europe. Although meerschaums are now made in many different shapes and sizes, their defining characteristic is the large, soft, and malleable clay minerals that make up the material. These clays are mixed with water and kneaded until they are malleable.

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